The phenomenon

Tom appears several times in the Making A Murderer, the 10-hour binge-watched Netflix series that became an international sensation on after its release in December 2015. Tom was interviewed by the filmmakers because of his expertise in covering Steven Avery, the Wisconsin man who is the focus of the series. (A clip of that interview appears in Episode 1 at 53:40). Tom’s coverage of the Avery murder trial was praised by Columbia Journalism Review, the nation’s leading journalism publication, as “even-keeled and incisive.” Because of his expertise, Tom has been featured in a number of different media, including People magazine, which profiled reporters in MAM. Variety, the bible of the entertainment industry, called Tom one of the key players interviewed for a one-hour Investigation Discovery special on MAM. And the magazine Glamour UK commissioned Tom in January 2016 to write a short profile on Teresa Halbach, the murder victim in MAM.