Tom Trivia

Former roommates include author Malcolm Gladwell (summer internship during college); author and National Public Radio science correspondent Shankar Vedantam (during Poynter Fellowship following graduate school); and a Chicago-area priest who carried a gun and played in a polka band on weekends (also during a summer internship) ….Tom’s one trip overseas, a 25-day excursion to Europe he helped lead as a chaperone for students of Naperville High School in Illinois, came as the result of a “video dating” encounter ….In college, Tom created a column called “Off the Wall,” which received coverage in the Chicago Tribune for its review of
interesting writings in bathrooms on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus ….Tom’s journalism career was launched when an assignment he did for his high school journalism class — about the struggles of the Cedarburg Bulldogs football team — turned into a front-page story in the school newspaper. Even though his name was misspelled in the byline, the fire was lit ….Tom’s favorite book is one he wrote about his daughter (the title is a knock-off from his Al McGuire book): Cracked Wise and Fresh Daily: The Wit and Wisdom of Hailey Anne Kertscher (to age 5).

Tom lives in Milwaukee with his teenage daughter, Hailey.