Tom’s coverage

Tom made Steven Avery a national news story in 2003 when he broke the news that Avery would be released from prison after 18 years because new DNA testing proved he had not committed a sexual assault in 1985. Tom interviewed Avery several times and was on the phone with him in 2005 when Avery was handcuffed and taken into custody in connection with the murder of Teresa Halbach. Tom covered Avery’s six-week murder trial in 2007. After live tweeting as he watched MAM, followers of @KertscherNews on Twitter rose in a matter of days from 700 more than 2,000. In early January 2016, Tom wrote a first-person analysis of MAM for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, drawing on his experience covering the Avery trial, and has since given more than a dozen interviews. The article has received more than 160,000 page views.